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>> reporter: weatherwise we have a beautiful day ahead. sunshine once again will rule the skies. temperatures will struggle to get toward the 70-degree mark. a lot like we had sunday. we start outside here in tyson's corner, still quite dark at about two hours before sunrise, 65 by noon, it will be sunny. high around 70, 71 with a 67-degree reading as we head toward the 5:00 hour. a few clouds out this morning a shower or two in southern pennsylvania moving east. that will stay north of the mason dixon line. temperatures as mike said you are going to need a jacket. winchester down to 46. peters burglary, west virginia 3 degrees -- petersburg, west virginia. 39 degrees. monika? >> reporter: we are doing well for a monday morning.
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you know how volumes increase early on a monday morning. keep that in mind. 395 looks great from the beltway to the 14th street bridge and into the downtown area. we'll take a live look right now on northbound 395. across the river here still very light. it is 95 that is going to load up quickly this morning. back to our maps this time on the north side of town. everything looks good to the beltway, outer loop, still no issue college park as you travel into silver spring. 270 coming in from shady grove very light down to the spur. back with more coming up at 5:09. back to you guys. this time last week we were celebrating the birth of a giant panda cub. >> the little panda died and the zoo's team is trying to figure out what happened. kristen fisher has more on what
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we know. >> reporter: good morning, a sad day here at the zoo. got to tell you last night the zoo's pathologist team performed their version of an autopsy on this cub and we are awaiting the results this morning. we should be getting some of the results later this morning. the full report won't come out for two weeks. officials say they can't rule out anything at this point, but there were no visible signed of trauma a, no -- no visible signs of trauma. yesterday distress calls came from the mother panda, it meant the six-day-old cub was in trouble. keep in mind there was an agitated 240-pound momma panda just a few feet away. it is a very dangerous situation, but it is something the team does practice for. they distracted mom with honey
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water while another panda keeper was able to bring the cub out, keep in mind this little guy weighed just four ounces, he or she was the size of a stick of butter. they performed cpr on the cub for ten minutes, but no heartbeat. the cub was pronounced dead at 10:30 a.m. yesterday. >> we are heartbroken. devastated. i'm worried about my keepers. they have worked so hard, the scientists and veterinarians have worked so hard and we have got to keep them focused on the health of the mom. >> it was such a great opportunity and we all felt so good. we are heartbroken now. >> reporter: by all accounts the momma panda had been a fabulous mom, taking very good care of the cub. she had been holding the cub so close to her body to nurse it and keep it warm zoo officials are scarcely been able to catch a glimpse of the baby.
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now unfortunately, they are devastated this morning. people who came to the zoo yesterday, visitors, they, too, were equally sad. you know this is something that people in the washington area had been celebrating just a week ago. the momma panda had had five consecutive false pregnancies in five years. the birth of the panda, the success of it living was given 10%. people here were so thrilled this miracle cub had been born. really it is hard to overstate the sadness here today but hopefully we'll have some answers a little bit later this morning as to exactly what happened. mike? andrea? >> thank you. kristen fisher reporting live from the national zoo. in other news this morning a two-car collision leaves a woman dead just before 8:00 last night on great seneca highway. the victim's name has not been released and no word yet on when anyone else was injured.
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a powerful crash in southeast washington leaves one man with serious injuries. this accident happened after 11:00 last night at the intersection of southern avenue and bennie road. the vehicles caught fire after impact, and it appears both were totaled. no word yet on what caused this accident. counselors will on hand at watkins high school this morning to help students deal with the injury of a classmate. 15-year-old den in a richards was in fair condition. a police car struck the teenager friday night as she was leaving a football game. the officers were responding to several fights that had broken out in the parking lot. the officer driving the cruiser, corporal raymond bennett, has been placed on administrative leave. if you are just waking up it is time for the first your money report. jessica doyle is off. so far monday trading japan
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recovering from a big drop in the morning to end the trading day with just a small loss. today's overseas trading is following a relatively flat friday here on wall street in the united states. the dow dropped 13 points, the nasdaq picked up four and the s & p 500 fell a fraction. mixed news when it comes to the unemployment numbers in our region. the jobless rate in the district had been falling down to 8.8%. however maryland jobless rate increased to 7. 1% from 7, and virginia's rate remained flat at 5.9%. the national unemployment rate dropped to 8. 1. if you buy peanut butter at trader joe's you might be affected by a recall. the trader joe's peanut butter
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with sea salt may be affected. as a precaution the health department is advising you to avoid this food until the investigation is done. they can be returned for a refund at trader joe's. libya's military is taking action in response to the deadly attack on a united states consulate, coming up. plus firefighters in the pacific northwest are losing the battle to keep two large wildfires from merging. and ahead in sports the redskins extend a streak they would rather break in sunday's game at fedex field. we'll be back. ah. fire bad!
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we are looking good, good and chilly that is. grab a jacket, but you are going to enjoy a very nice day where you may even need that light jacket for much of it. we are expecting sunny skies. lunch time temperatures should rise into the middle 60s. upper 60s by 3:00 with a high around 70. i-95 in springfield traffic moving well and beyond to the 14th street bridge. back with more coming up in a few minutes. back to you guys. making news now, libya's army is issuing a warning to other militia groups to disband. many of these armed groups are made up of ex rebels who helped
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overthrow gadhafi last year. firefighters believe the cable mountain fire could merge with another large fire nearby. this original fire has scorched more than 30,000 acres and is less than 10% contained. the retired space shuttle endeavor is being house in a hanger -- housed in a hangar until october 12th. they weren't in the same place, but both presidential candidates were on 60 minutes last night. in sports at 5:23, the nationals enter the final week of the regular season knowing they will be playing october
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baseball. >> it is a chilly start but howard says it is definitely going to warm up. howard has the forecast, coming up.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. your time is 5:13. a lot of us saw a lot of you on the mall. i had the pleasure of
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introducing charlene harris. she wrote the stack house series that inspired truebloods. boy did she have great fans to see her. >> everything went off this weekend except for saturday afternoon we had a couple of showers and storms. >> it didn't happen on the mall. >> it was hit and miss and that is fine. rain chances increased for the second half of the week. and we'll be watching that. until then we have very nice, early fall weather for you. here's a look at your bus stop forecast, we have some spots that you are down in the mid to upper 40s west of town. near 60 by the bay. sunrise until just before 7:00 a.m. little cloudy early, then we get into a sunny day. by noon 65, nice. this afternoon's highs will be near 70, maybe 71. winds turning from northwest to
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west at 5 to 8 miles per hour and a 5:00 temperature right about 67 degrees. you see the 40s here in gage they aresburg -- in gaithersburg, bowie 50. andrews over at 53. good morning scott, scott posts every morning on facebook telling me what is happening over at arlington this morning looking outside we are in tyson's corner this morning. we have clouds upstairs, the lights are on, that is a good thing. 56, dew point in the mid-40s, nice and dry and comfortable. humidity 67% and a light breeze at 5 miles per hour. the ohio valley, detroit this morning is 39 degrees. even nashville is in the upper 40s. some of theicallest air in the country right over areas just to our west. mild though in the southwest with phoenix in the low 80s this morning. we are watching a storm system
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pushed onshore now. showers in nevada and idaho and over toward salt lake. look at these clouds diving south out of canada right toward the lake storm system here bringing in clouds with showers like that. keep places like marquette today in the low 50s. we are going to see the clouds around for a couple of hours, then we'll become sunny today. mostly sunny as we head toward lunch time, nice looking evening, a little bit on the brisk side. then tuesday we look good with perhaps a few more clouds out west in the afternoon. rain chances start to increase slightly more so by thursday. cool this afternoon around 70. tonight we are back in the 40s and 50s, clear skies, mid-70s, low 80s wednesday, can't rule out a stray shower but the better chance for showers,
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friday the wettest day. saturday still a few showers and 65. here comes monika with your timesaver traffic. monday morning looks good. i'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way. no problems on the beltway, 270 included just a tiny bit of slow traffic forming out of frederick. relevantly toward clarksburg and german town all of your lanes are open and things are fairly light. the american legion bridge crossing the river between 270 270 and tyson's corner heading in from the west on 66 and the dulles toll road, it is all incident free. pretty much cleared up for the morning. this time 395 at the 14th street bridge looking good across the river. back with more coming up at 5:23. andrea and mike? well the redskins showed
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some weak spots. >> the ravens had to do there game winning field goal over again after the patriots took a last second timeout. we'll tell you how it turned out in sports. the question of the day, 50% of the american women wear this to make themselves feel more attractive. make up, a push up bra or a wig. >> all of the above, wig to look different, a push up bra to feel atracktive and make up so we can feel like a super model on the runway. >> we'll have the answer on our 6:00 show. keep it here.
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5:21. your weather first on this monday morning. we are cool and have some clouds out there. temperatures running in the 40s and 50s this morning. certainly jacket weather to start. we'll get rid of these clouds rather quickly. still 40s in the thannen dough avalley to upper 50s here in town. lunch time looks great, beautiful fall weather, 65 for dc. 66 in manassas. you are going to make a run toward 70. andrea and mike? thank you howard. the last full week of baseball regular season is underway. plus rg iii probably feeling a little beat up this morning after getting sacked six tiles. dave owens has details in your morning sports.
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>> reporter: good morning everybody. i spoke to a lot of redskins fans last week who told me they were putting yesterday's game squarely in the win column. people forget cincinnati made the playoffs last year. yesterday was going to be a stern test for rg iii and it turned out griffin looking to help washington break a six game losing streak. ran it for 85 on 12 carries and scored his third rushing touchdown of the season unfortunately, he couldn't play everywhere. they win it 38-31. >> i wasn't even aware about the whole seven games in a row, i'm losing at home you know, it is not something we need to change. we need to make it an unfriendly environment when opposing teams come in and play here.
5:23 am
>> ravens and new england, torery smith playing with a -- tori smith playing with a heavy heart. he lost his brother in a motorcycle accident. but he elected to play. two touchdowns, the ravens coming back to beat new england, again smith the former maryland wide receiver 126 yards. finally yesterday the nats got the wood put to them by milwaukee. milwaukee takes two of three. their magic number is six. the braves also won yesterday. have a great week, everybody. officers from several local law enforcement agencies will receive high honors today. that story, coming up. this could be bad news for pepco customers. a group of you tilt workers may
5:24 am
be going on strike soon. pennsylvania satisfy everything moving well between andrews air force base and new carrollton and up to college park in silver spring. you are watching 9news now. stay with us.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike haiduk. >> i had my shawl this morning. >> good morning howard bernstein how was your weekend my friend? >> it was good. >> did you do anything fun? >> i was coaching a little hockey there, my son's team. a 12-year-old working the bench. a new experience for me as well. we were 1-1 over the weekend. weatherwise i know it is monday but we are going to get through it in a positive way.
5:28 am
here's a look at our die planner. 65 degrees by noon, we are going to make a run toward 70, maybe 71. a 5:00 temperature still around 67 degrees. yeah i think a sweatshirt, windbreaker or a shawl is that your choice. we'll be just fine. a few clouds over us. we are having satellite issues this morning. the satellite going through a funk right now, we have radar to show you. our temperatures they areical, in fact kind of chilly. in winchester 45, same with cumberland. 56 downtown and 47 in la plata. our highs this afternoon upper 60s monika has your timesaver traffic. overall traffic is moving
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well. a bit of volume, that is to be expected at 5:28 this morning. the beltway looks great on the west side of town. getting there on the dulles toll road, no big issues to report. inside the beltway, 66 in falls church, camera is a little out of focus but traffic is fine as you head for the roosevelt bridge here. back over to the maps, this time the northbound side of i-95. the volume is forming, you are still okay in woodbridge, a live look at springfield where traffic is bunching up. back to you guys. a mother is dead and police are searching for her live in boyfriend now. >> this happened yesterday in the 2200 block of georgia way. officers went to an apartment complex there for a report of a disturbance. the woman's three children
5:30 am
apparently slept through their mother's murder. >> i think it is unfortunate for the children, it is unfortunate that it had to happen like this. >> it was very early in the morning. i believe they were asleep. further more officers on the scene took measures so they wouldn't see the scene in the stairwell and had the children exit the apartment from a window and done a ladder. police are looking for 31-year-old fullcar. he may be driving a newer model ford edge. the national zoo is mourning the loss of its giant panda cub. less than a week after the birth the zoo's panda team realized something was terribly wrong this weekend. kristen fish soldier live at the zoo with the story.
5:31 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning michael. everyone here knows the mortality rate of giant panda cubs is very high. take a minute just imagine you are a member of this team here at the national zoo. you have witnessed five consecutive false pregnancies over the last five years. the chance of the birth was less than 10%. incredibly she gives birth six days ago to what seems to be this healthy giant panda cub. then on the sixth day you have to hear these distress calls coming from the momma panda. it is the worst possible scenario. they can't just race into the den and grab the cub, because here she is being protected by this 200-plus pound momma panda. it is a situation that is very dangerous, but one they practice for. one zookeeper distracted her and started performing cpr, but it was too late. now zoo officials are trying to figure out what went wrong.
5:32 am
the veterinarian said at this point they can't rule out anything. >> i don't think we can rule out anything at this point. so many things they are susceptible to. i can't there were a lot of tears, a lot of hugs, a lot of reflect that go we have been trying for six years but we'll try again. we have to continue to try. >> reporter: it will be at least a year before they can begin to try again. right now the team is caping a close eye on the mother. this is the first time she has ever last a cub. she is being kept in seclusion. it is their version of an autopsy and preliminary results are expected later this morning. this is just absolutely heartbreaking for the national zoo. and for china where this cub would have been going, in about four years. after the cub was pronounced dead, the first call zoo
5:33 am
officials made was to their counterparts in china. i have just learned from the zoo spokeswoman. she informed us the veterinarian is going to be holding a press conference at 10:00 this morning. at that point in time we are supposed to get an update on the condition of the mom, but we are also supposed to be getting those preliminary results about what happened to the giant panda cub. it will not be the full report. that takes about two weeks but again 10:00 this morning we'll be getting our first inkal as to what went wrong. dc police say two men were stabbed yesterday during a street robbery in the 100 block of bstreet not far from howard university. three robbers approached five people one of the robbers was carrying a knife. the first victim was stabbed in the chest the neck and the back. the second person was stabbed in the wrist. police are working to identify
5:34 am
suspects. tonight the antidefamation league will honor law enforcement officers who helped solve hate crimes and terrorist threat cases. they included the fbi and several local agencies who were able to track down a began man for a shooting in northern virginia. at 5:34, it is time for another your money report. jessica doyle is off today. frustrations with pepco could soon be on the rise if their utility repair men -- repair men go on strike. pepco is calling its current set of terms the last best and final offer. today the maryland public service commission will debate a provision that added insult to injury for many utility customers after the june 29th
5:35 am
storms. the bill's adjustment allows utility providers to collect a surcharge from customers to compensate their losses in the first 24 hours of a major outage event. allowing this charge is not leading to any significant improvements. comcast is kicking off the second year of its intnet essentials in washington to provide high speed internet at low cost for low income families. today at kramer middle school the company will announce an expansion of the program. the project allows family who qualify for reduced price school lunches to get broadband internet along with training. families also qualify with a voucher -- for a voucher to buy a computer. the nationals haven't even started the playoffs yet but metro is going to stay open late tonight. coming up. plus a virginia boy
5:36 am
battling a life threatening disease is taking a dream vacation this week. we'll be back
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welcome back. 5:37. your weather first a chilly start out there. there are 40s in many of the suburbs once again this morning under partly cloudy sky. >> a good looking monday, you'll need a jacket though half the day. sunshine, 65 degrees at lunch time. we'll try it make a run toward 70. still in the mid-60s. i'll be back in a few minutes with your 7-day forecast. here's what it looks like on the west side of town. crossing the potomac river, traffic moving well between 270 and tyson's corner. no issues to report. northbound prince william parkway closed still with an
5:39 am
accident. by the way, metro bethesda station escalators are out. the station remains open. of metro is staying open an hour late because of the madonna concert today. the final trains will depart gallery place at 12:55 a.m. the extended metro rail service is funded by an agreement with verizon center. i'll be back at 5:47 with more traffic. mike, back to you. >> thank you monika. we have deep discounts for you right now. e-bay is offering a google android digital touch screen tablet for $49.99 including free shipping with your purchase. so how about heading to the food network's new york city wine
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and food festival? a number of the celebrity chefs there including paula deen and more. the event runs october 11-14. autumn is when many of us find out about our spring and summertime fitness routine. they are offering one month boot camp classes, which is 85 bucks. you can find this deal on living social. if you have a great offer or you are a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, leave a message for jessica on facebook. a small victory in the fight for equal representation on capitol hill. president obama signed the bill that will bring a statue of frederick douglas in the capital rotunda. it will be the city's first statue in the hall where each state already has two statues to honor its history making
5:41 am
residents. a northern virginia boy who spend much of his life in the hospital is doing something very different this week. jeffrey moore got hugs from mickey and mini house friday at a special con voyage party. jeffrey is frequently at children's hospital, undergoing treatment for a brain tumor. this week though jeffrey is celebrating his fourth birthday with his family with an all expenses paid vacation to orlando. still ahead this morning, scientists find a genetic link between two forms of cancer. plus perform and mitt romney have dueling interviews on 60 minutes. before we led to break it is celebrity birthday time. who is celebrating today? lou dobbs. mean joe green is 66, and fox news alan combs is 62.
5:42 am
>> she starred in my big fat greek wedding, knee . ross matthews turns 33 today. happy birthday if you share this date with them too.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:45 on this monday morning. the baby panda has died, the redskins lost, but at least the sun will be shining. it will be a beautiful day. >> weatherwise, some fine weather to start this week. it is going to feel beautiful the next couple of days as we warm to the low 80s come wednesday. here's a look at the bus stop forecast, assuming we need a jacket in most areas, temperatures down in the 40s and 50s right now under partly
5:46 am
cloudy skies. closer to 60 along the bay. bay temperatures are still quite warm and sunrise just a couple of minute before 7:00 a.m. may still have a few clouds, especially around the 9:00 hour. noon 65. so we'll be nice at lunch time recess. 67 at 4:00 p.m. make a run toward 70, i think that could happen 2:00 or 3:00. going to the nats game this afternoon, it is going to be beautiful. they have a 1:05 game with the brewers. at 8:00 we'll be in the low 60s under clear skies. once again tonight we'll be back in the 40s and 50s. much of the shenandoah valley, western maryland, 50s at southern maryland, 51 in prince frederick. 53 in baltimore here in washington. we have the partly cloudy conditions, looking outside on our michael and son weather camera, still about an hour and 12 minutes away from light.
5:47 am
northwest winds at 5 the humidity at 67%. jacket sweatshirt weather. look at temperatures across the east. from chicago to detroit to buffalo this morning. fall making its presence felt. a couple of isolated showers, you see them in southern pennsylvania scattered across new york state here. a quiet morning and it is going to be a good day. again a patch of clouds this morning with us as we head toward lunch time. look mostly sunny skies should rule. if you have outdoor plans today it is going to be fantastic for that. monday evening looks good too. sun sets right about 7:00 now. we are going to have a nice, quiet night, open the windows, maybe not too far though. 40s and 50s, tomorrow looks god, a few clouds increasing, tomorrow night into wednesday. north and west of town, i think most of the action on wednesday
5:48 am
stays up into pennsylvania. we are dry for at least the first half of the week and getting warmer. today 70. if we get to 70 it won't be for very long, even though we'll have the sunny skies. 4-z and 50s with light winds. a warmer wednesday, a better chance of a few showers friday and saturday. here comes monika samtani. timesaver traffic? that means a lot of volume out there. if you are a metro rider the entrance escalators are out. keep that in mind for your travel plans. on the outer loop of the beltway north of town things are looking good out of college park. a bit slow through silver spring. from route 109 it is going to be pretty much continuous now as
5:49 am
you head toward 121, you can see the brake lights forming on the southbound side. this time heading over to the other side of town, in fact in virginia, it is heavy right now. toll road remains incident free. this time northbound on 395 across the 14th street bridge, 95 is slowed down. back to you guys. leaders from around the globe are in new york for the start of the united nations general assembly today. nations will be discussing serious civil war, iran's nuclear program and the violent protest over the anti-muslim film. president obama is scheduled to address the assembly tomorrow. a study in the journal of nature finds triple negative breast cancer and high grade ovarian cancer share many genetic features.
5:50 am
doctors say this means the same drug may be effective in treating both. mark claus, the man who killed his daughter is still awaiting execution. in campaign 2012 both presidential candidates make their pitches on the same show. >> in separate interviews with president obama and mitt romney, they aired on 60 minutes last night and as susan mcagainst reports romney is also addressing his poll numbers. >> president obama and governor mitt romney appeared on 60 minutes last night. >> you are asking the american people it hire you as president of the united states. they would like to hear some specifics. >> i can tell them specifically i will not raise taxes on middle income folks. i will not lower the share of
5:51 am
taxes paid by high income individuals. >> president obama told steve croft romney's plan won't work. >> he seems to have only one note. tax cuts for the wealthy and rolling back regulations. >> romney's tacks are part of a new obama campaign ad which hits the gop candidate on a secretly recorded fundraiser where he said 47% of americans pay no income taxes and feel their victims are entitled to government help. >> he won't release his tax returns before 2010. maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, romney should come clean on his. >> romney said ads like this distort his positions and are the reason he is trailing in battleground polls. > >> on foreign policy the president says romney needs to clarify that he would do to stop iran's nuclear program. >> if governor romney is
5:52 am
suggesting we should start another war, he should say so. >> the president will be in new york today for the start of the un general assembly meeting. he will address the group tomorrow. susan mcginniss, cbs news, washington. even though the election is six weeks from tomorrow, absentee voting started friday. if you need an absentee ballot the deadline to apply for one is october 30th. we want to take another look at the question of the day. it is 50% of american women say they wear this to make themselves feel mer atracktive. is it make up, a push up bra or a wig? >> one of our facebook friends say make up, it is for me. i always tell my husband that is why i wear it. >> log on for the facebook fan page. we'll review the answer in about an hour. still ahead. metro puts on hold controversial ads displayed at transit
5:53 am
stations in u.s. cities. plus we'll tell you which two movies tied at the box office in their debut weekend. we'll be back. itis that rit? yeah. at'right.s. on at denny's. the fo dolla only fr dolls every da
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5:55 am
welcome back. bundle yourself and your little ones before you get them out there this morning for the bus stop. even by 5845 or so most of the clouds will be from dc east look at these temperatures, still 40s and 50s. we head toward lunch time,
5:56 am
sunny, 65 in washington. 66 in annapolis. we are in for a brisk afternoon. maybe 71 mike and andrea? this morning new york subway riders are going to see controversial ads which equate radical muslims with savages. >> as andrea mccarron reports the controversial content has prompted metro to put them on hold. >> this is america. you can say whatever you want to. >> reporter: the controversial ads read in any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. support israel. defeat jihad. >> throughout our history there have been people who have engaged in hate speech. >> reporter: the ads come as violent protests continue to ignite over an anti-islamic film and its depiction of muslims.
5:57 am
protests that have left 30 people dead. >> honestly anyone that disagrees with me i would take a bullet for their right to disagree with me. this is america the fray exchange of ideas. >> reporter: in new york it took a federal court order to allow the ads to run. a judge determined the language was protected speech under the first amendment. >> reporter: i think in the end what hate speech does is bring out the better people. >> metro has not rejected the ad, but notified the advertiser that it has been put on hold. a spokesman says that is out of concern for public safety, given the current climb mat around the world. the advertiser has responded by filling a lawsuit in dc. andrea mccarron 9news now. in recent weeks the ads have been plastered on san francisco city buses, prompting some to
5:58 am
deface them and remove the words jihad and holy war. the statutes were handed out in the emmy awards. john drier won for best actor in a comedy series. this was his second win and he has been nominated for seven years. some of the other top categories, modern family walked away with four awards, including best comedy series. homeland won four for its first season. amc's hit mad men 17 nominations, not a single statue. you can read more on our website last year john crier won best supporting actor. two new films tied atop the box office this weekend. end of watch grossed $13 million in north american theaters.
5:59 am
it tells the story of two police officers who become marked for death by a drug cartel. the house at the end of the street also debuted. it stars jennifer lawrence. and clint eastwood's latest film trouble with the curve debut in third place. you are watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. we are glad you are. i'm mike haiduk. >> and i'm andrea roane. hopefully things are smooth on the roadway. >> a crisp start weatherwise. good morning howard. >> reporter: good morning a beautiful day yesterday after the saturday afternoon showers. we are going to hold onto the nice fall feeling for another 36 hours. still quite dark, about an

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